General Pond Maintenance

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General Pond Maintenance

If you’re looking for help with your Macomb, Wayne, or Oakland County, (MI) Michigan & Metro Detroit Area pond, water feature maintenance or repair, you’re in the right spot. Pondering Waters has the experience needed to help you with whatever maintenance or services needed to keep your water feature running, and looking it’s best all season.

Pondering Waters can help you realize that potential, offering premium maintenance services ranging from cleaning and repairing ecosystem ponds and waterfalls, to fountain pump replacements. We know the importance of adding more time to your life for your inviting yard for entertaining, playtime and relaxation. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to work with you to develop your water features maintenance programs so it further reflects how beautiful your water feature really is.

Good Routine Maintenance For Your Pond Or Water Garden

Do you want a completely maintenance free pond? Do you worry about your fish? Would you find peace of mind knowing that your pond maintenance  was taken care of by a team of trained professional technicians for your Macomb County, MI area backyard fish pond? 

Pondering Waters offers years of  koi and fish pond maintenance and other water feature maintenance. Our professional technicians are trained to do all the work, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy! You can rest assured our trained technicians are skilled in caring for your pond so you can enjoy its fullest potential.

What are

Pond Closings?

For winter, we take out all pumps and fountains from the pond, rinse them off and put them in a bucket of fresh water to keep the seals from drying out and cracking. The homeowner puts these items in their basement. Next we cut down all hardy water lilies 2-3′ above the base of the plant and cut down all hardy bog or marginal plants 2-3′ above the water level. Tropical plants can be brought inside for winter or treated as an annual and replaced each season. Then we try to remove as much of all the dead debris as we can such as plants or leave’s so that they will not break down and add harmful toxins to the water. When that is done, we rinse all the filter systems and store them in the homeowners shed or garage. The last steps we do is to add an air bubbler and pond heater to the pond to insure a hole is kept open in the ice for gasses to escape and oxygen levels stay stabilized in the pond, note: every heater and bubbler is matched to the size of the pond to small of a heater or bubbler will not do the job if we have a hard winter. Next we install the floating net riser built by Pondering Waters and install the leaf net which should be taken down just before the first snow fall.

Monthly Maintenance Schedules

We offer all of our customer’s pond maintenance packages which they can choose from once a month to every week if they choose or we can custom design a package that suits their needs. Our basic plan covers a once a month visit and the service includes a check of all equipment such as pumps, auto fills, skimmers and filters. We clean the filter and debris net from the skimmer fix any rocks that may have settled out of place. Next we trim all aquatic plants and apply the beneficial bacteria to the pond check salt levels and add if needed. Last we check the lighting system and replace bulbs if needed (light bulbs are an added cost per bulb)

Aquatic Plants

In the spring and summer months your aquatic plants are a much needed source for added filtration in your pond but once fall and winter comes the decomposing plants can actually add unwanted toxins in the water so be sure to cut back all hardy aquatic plants in the pond 2-3″ above the water and cut your water lily pads and flowers close to the bottom of the pond as possible. If you live in freezing Michigan temperature zones like Macomb, Wayne, or Oakland Counties, remove all tropical plants from the pond and either treat them as annuals and throw them away, or you may try to keep them in the house over winter.

Waterfall in the backyard with trees in the background. Pondering Waters services with general pond maintenance services

Water Feature Fall Closings

Make sure you remove as many leaves and debris out of the pond so they don’t decompose and create harmful toxic gases. If you have a skimmer and biofalls type system turn off pump and remove all filter media and clean. (do not remove pump or check valve at this step)
Before you remove your pump make sure to vacuum or pump out your filter box, reason being if you disconnect your check valve before you clean your filter box all the dirt and fish waste will run right back into the pond were you don’t want it. Next remove your pump and check valve, clean and store in a bucket of water and store it in a place where it won’t freeze.
If you installed a net over the pond and there are no more leaves falling remove the net at this time. If the leaves have not fallen all the way yet you may put the net back on after you install the bubbler and deicer but make sure to remove before the first snow fall.
Then install your bubbler and deicer. This tip is very important (make sure to purchase the right size bubbler and deicer for your size pond) if you undersize your equipment and have a larger pond you may have a hard time keeping a large enough hole in the ice if at all. If you need help with this please contact Pondering Waters and we will help get you the right size equipment need and answer any other general pond maintenance questions.

Winter Pond Maintenance

Pondering Waters offers a winter maintenance package for homeowners that leave for the winter or just want that extra hand to make sure there equipment are operating fine for the winter. Either once or twice a month a pondering waters service tech will come to home to make sure a hole is kept in the ice and a check of all equipment for functionality. If there is excess snow around were the hole is we will clear some of that excess snow so the bubbler and heater can do a better job.

What are

Vacation Check-ups?

Peace of mind is a phone call away when you go on vacation. A person from our staff will go to your pond location once or twice a week, depending on the length of the vacation, and simply check the pond to make sure everything is running correctly and fix any issues that may come up. You enjoy your hard earned vacation, we’ll handle your water feature needs while your away.

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