If you live in Macomb & Oakland Counties Michigan ( MI ) and are looking for that perfect starter water feature or are in need of adding another element to your pond or water garden then a fountainscape would be a great option.
What is a Fountainscape?

A fountainscape also known as Landscape Fountains, are small decorative water features such as container water gardens (Patio Ponds), stand-alone fountains, bubbling urns, spitters, basalt columns, Bubbling rocks and fountains that incorporate an in-ground reservoir. A fountainscape is a truly ornamental décor alternative that embraces water and the options are endless.

Aquascape Fountainscape Spillway Bowls

Aquascape Fountainscape Spillway Bowls



 Fountainscapes are the answer to perfectly unique landscape accents.   

These fountains are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can be installed in no time at all. Have one of our Pondering Waters Contact service professionals in Macomb County or Oakland County (MI) answer any questions you have.

Why a Fountainscape is Right For You

 Enhancing your garden with a water feature is the pathway to your own personal utopia. A well-placed fountainscape can enhance not only the appearance of your landscape, but also allow you to enjoy the rhythm of flowing water.


A Fountainscape can also serve as a focal point in a front yard, patio area, or courtyard. A popular choice is using a Fountainscape to enhance a business front while drawing the interest of clients and customers. Condominiums, churches, outdoor venues, and restaurant patios are all common places displaying this type of water feature as well.


You can purchase a prefabricated fountain or have Pondering Waters custom design and manufacture one according to your specific requirements. Fountainscapes feature an abundance of style, size, design, and material options. You hold the freedom to choose a fountain to fit your unique lifestyle.


Fountain styles include wall-mounted, freestanding, tiered or disappearing. Another great option is a Patio Pond, also called container gardens, which is an ideal choice where space is limited. Patio Ponds make it effortless to have a complete water garden in literally any setting.


Factors for choosing your perfect fountain depend on your landscape size and design, garden style, space availability, maintenance considerations, budget, and personal taste. It is recommended to select a large fountain as a focal point and a small fountain as an accent element. If you desire a soothing atmosphere with a splash of water, this is for you!

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